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Our creative lives in quarantine

By Natalie Dawe

Back in April 2020, just a few weeks into our locked-down life, my husband’s birthday was approaching. I wanted to make his day special in those 500 square feet we were confined to. So I broke out the yoga mats, gathered household items, and created an indoor mini golf course for him to putt around. Limited space, limited objects, but a delightful exercise of whimsy and imagination.

By Natalie Dawe

In an informal poll on my instagram asking my friends if they consider themselves creative, 58% answered no. That number astounded me! Sure, most of these friends aren’t in “creative careers,” and don’t paint or write or sing or do other artistic activities regularly. But they are creative in their everyday lives. With their curiosity, imagination, and perspective, they create meaningful at-home learning experiences for their kids and experiment with sourdough during Covid. They question the status quo in their communities, and creatively organize their neighbors to take action on injustice.

Part of stepping into our creative…

By Pamela J. Maxson, PhD

Creativity is the process of practicing and embodying imagination, curiosity, and self-expression, looking at things in a new way, experimenting with new activities, and expressing ourselves in a variety of ways. We begin our creativity workshops by asking participants what their creative life looks like. We often receive blank looks, as participants have spent much of their adult life in their comfort zone. When we examine barriers to their creativity, participants consistently identify fear as the most powerful barrier to living a creative life. Fear of — looking stupid, making a mistake, failure, wasting time…


recreate is a movement to awaken people’s creativity and practice everyday instances of whimsy & imagination. Founded by Natalie Dawe, MPH & Pam Maxson, PhD.

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